Getting Started with Microfluidics — James Gwyer et Al,  MF3 Microfluidics Consortium

Design for Manufacture of Microfluidics Devices—Henne v Heeren et Al, MF5 Consortium

* Design for Manufacture of Microfluidic Devices—MF5 White Paper

* Guidelines for Design in Glass (Submitted by Dolomite Microfluidics)

* Guidelines for Design in Polymer (Submitted by SonyDADC)

* Micro and Nano Manufacturing Guidelines (Submitted by EVGroup)


Classes of Microfluidics Application—Proposed by MFM Project


Introducing Spresso — Open Source Simulation Software for
Electrophoretic Separation. Stanford University

Computational Fluid Dynamics for the Microfluidics Industry— ESI Limited


Simulation of Droplet Based Microfluidic Devices using a Volume
 of Fluid (VOF) Approach
— Flow Science Inc


Theoretical Microfluidics —Henrik Bruus (Heavy Text Book)

How can I design my own
Microfluidic solution?

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This material has been selected and compiled by members of the Sixth Microfluidics Consortium .