The 8th Microfluidics Consortium is working on a range of standards which
will facilitate uptake of microfluidic technology.

It is focussing on:

Higher temperature/pressure interconnects for research, analytical and process
instruments based on reusable chips.

Chips holders including microfluidic and electrical and/or optical interconnects for
analytical and process instruments based on reusable chips.

Interconnects for disposable chips for health care and diagnostics.

Follow the links below to access recent public domain
discussion documents from the MF
8 standards group.

        Discussion Document 1 (June 2011)
Microfluidic Taxonomy
Classes and Types of Microfluidic Connector

      Discussion Document 2 (October 2011)
Design Guidelines October 2011

Design for Microfluidics Interfacing (Part 1) (Oct 2015)

Design for Microfluidics Interfacing (Part 2) (Oct 2015)

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Microfluidics Standards

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This material has been selected and compiled by members of the Eighth Microfluidics Consortium .